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Seri Bestari Bridge

Seri bestari bridge

Seri Bestari Bridge, also known as Jambatan Seri Bestari, is a large bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The eastern end of the bridge starts in Precinct 16 and the western end starts near Wisma Putra on Core Island.

The bridge has a total length of 152.6 meters with a main span of 60 meters.

Seri Gemilang Bridge

Seri gemilang Bridge

Seri Gemilang Bridge is a ceremonial bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It connects Heritage Square with Putrajaya Convention Centre.

The bridge has a main span 120 meters (394 ft) long, with a 60-meter (197 ft) span at each end, for a total length of 240 meters (787 ft). There are six traffic lanes, each 3.5 meters (11.5 ft) wide. The deck level above the water is 36.75 meters (121 ft) at the center of the bridge.

Seri Perdana Bridge

Seri perdana bridge

Seri Perdana Bridge is a 370m long bridge which is built across the Putrajaya Lake in Putrajaya, Malaysia's federal administrative centre. It is based on royal Islamic architectural design. This bridge contains eight unique balconies / rest areas for visitors to enjoy the panoramic sights of the surrounding lake area. The bridge is made up of seven central spans of 75m and two end spans of 55m. There are two separate carriageways over two twin cell box girder. In the cross section, the overall width between extreme ends of two box girder is 23m. The foot path is flanked by railing and the road's median is lined by decorative street-lighting.

Seri Saujana Bridge

Seri Saujana Bridge

The Seri Saujana Bridge is a main bridge in Putrajaya, the Malaysian federal administrative capital. The bridge's design is unique cable-stayed arch bridge. Seri Saujana connects the Core Island (Precinct 4) to the Precinct 7 on Lebuh Sentosa highway and is strategically located at the main entrance into the Core Island from the south via the upgraded

road (now Putrajaya-Cyberjaya Expressway ) and Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Expressway.

It is a new concept of the cable-stayed arch bridge. The bridge is controlled by the principal design parameters to reflect a transparent, elegant and futuristic slender looking structure, with an overall single span of 300m and total width of 32m. There are dual three lane carriageways. The deck level varies from RL 35.25m at abutment to RL 35m at centre of the bridge.

The builder of this bridge was Road Builder (M) Sdn Bhd at a cost of USD20 million. It was completed on 31st May 2003.

Seri Wawasan Bridge

Seri Wawasan Bridge

The Seri Wawasan Bridge is one of the main bridges in Putrajaya, the Malaysian federal administrative capital. This futuristic cable-stayed bridge which has a sail ship appearance, connects Precinct 2 on the Core Island to the residential area of Precinct 8.

The concrete bridge is a combination of cable backstays and structural steel tie back. It is a dual three lane carriageways of 18.6m width each, comprising 3 x 3.5m width lanes, 0.5 m hard shoulder, 0.5m marginal strip. The median is 4 m wide and walkway cum cycle track width is 5.1m giving a total width of 37.2m at the centre of the bridge.

Seri Setia Bridge

Seri Setia Bridge

The Seri Setia bridge also known as Jambatan Seri Setia. This bridge is the link between Presint 4 on the Core Island and Presint 19 . Its location at the south-eastern end of the Persiaran Perdana makes it a landmark and the main route to the core island from the south-east.

The bridge design consist of seven spans of 30m between pier centrelines. It is dual three lane carriageways of total 10.5m width each and 0.5m width of marginal strip. The median width is 3m and walkway with cycle track. The following features of the bridge help embellish its beauty:
  • Precast fascia panel
  • Planter boxes on the median
  • Railing with architectural features
  • Illumination with decorative lighting

  • Seri Bakti Bridge

    Seri Bakti bridge

    The Seri Bakti Bridge also known jambatan Seri Bakti is one of the main bridges spanning the protocol route. The bridge links the secondary road to the Deputy Prime Minister's Residence, connecting the Government Presint in the north to Presint 16 in the south.

    The concept design was developed from several shorter span, with a precast pretension "Super-T" beam slab deck with spans up to 35m. The total structure length is 270m. There are dual two lane carriageways, 2m median, walkway and cycle track.